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Featured Manga: Ororon

Ororon is a manga about Chiaki, an orphaned daughter of an Archangel and a human woman, and Ororon, King of the Underworld.  Chiaki found Ororon injured on the streets, and after healing him, Ororon offered her one wish.  She wished for him to be by her side forever.  They live in a house with Othello, Ororon's brother, their Hellish housekeeper, and some other monsters (though the monsters look like teens, not creatures that go bump in the night).  They struggle to stay alive as the battle between devils and the angelic order rage around them.  As Ororon kills any who comes after them, Chiaki, the pacifist, often tries to stop the killing.  With a great combination of magic, swordplay, and romance,  I would suggest this great manga to everyone.  Check this out!!!


This is the cover of the first volume of Ororon, by Hakase Mizuki




Ororon and Chiaki



King of the Underworld