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Featured Manga: Bleach

Bleach starts out following Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager.  He can see ghosts.  They haunt him until he exorcises them.  One day though, a hollow attacks his family.  A hollow is an evil spirit that eats the souls of others, dead or alive.  He tries to fight the hollow, and a soul reaper gets hurt as a result.  Soul reapers are like heavenly police.  They kill hollows and send wandering ghosts to the soul society, a place like heaven.  She gives him her powers so he can kill the hollow, but she can't get them back.  It is about his experiences as a soul reaper.  They are on graphic novel number 3, and this is probably my most favorite manga.

  Ichigo Kursaki

This is a picture of the first graphic novel of Bleach, by Tite Kubo


  Shonen Jump

This manga ran in weekly Shonen Jump in Japan, and was advertised in the monthly Shonen Jump over here.  If you have never heard of Shonen Jump, then you should go to www.shonenjump.com.