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Featured Manga: Whistle!

Whistle starts out following Kazamatsuri.  He is a boy who went to live with his brother to change schools.  He wanted to change schools because his new school's soccer team is not as good, so he might have a chance to play.  He used to go to Musashinomori, which is a private middle school that recruits players from everywhere.  When he gets into his new school, he stirs up all kinds of trouble.  The captain and another player on the team get into a disagreement, and they play a five on five game to choose the team captain.  It is about what Kaz does to become good at soccer and realize his dream, to go pro.  All in all this is an OK manga, not one of the best, but still pretty good.  If you like soccer, you'll probably like this.  Even if you don't know a thing about soccer, you may like it.  They explain the game in between chapters and in the beginning of the book.


This is the picture of Kazamatsuri, from Whistle!



Shonen Jump

This manga ran in weekly Shonen Jump in Japan, and was advertised in the monthly Shonen Jump over here.  If you have never heard of Shonen Jump, then go to www.shonenjump.com.

Yuko Katori
Kaz's teacher and soccer coach