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Here is the place to go if you want sneak peeks.  This page has some of my favorite mangas, and I hope this helps you out.  If you would like a sneak peek on a manga, e-mail me at the email address found on some of the other pages.

Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade is a great manga.  It is about a girl who fights all sorts of evil spirits and such.  Her name is Sister Rosette.  Yes, she is a nun.  She works for an order that exorcises ghosts and monsters.  Her partner is Chrono, once a powerful demon, now he has made a contract with Rosette, and does everything she says.  This dynamic duo really makes for a good manga.

Hikaru No Go

Hikaru No Go is a story based on the incredibly old game of go.  It was played in ancient China and Japan by commoners, as well as emperors and kings.  As the story goes, Hikaru, the main character, is up in his grandfather's attic, when he discovers a go board.  A ghost named Fujiwara-No-Sai goes into his body.  Sai is amazing at go.  They play many important people, and as of now, Hikaru is trying to learn to play well on his own.

One Piece

One Piece is about Monkey D. Luffy.  He wants to become the king of pirates, and assemble the best crew in history.  He starts out with Zoro, the infamous pirate hunter.  Later on he gets a navigator, and he is now trying to get a cook.  It is featured in Shonen Jump magazine, and has recently become an anime, on channel 5 (fox) on Saturdays.


Naruto is about a ninja named Naruto.  He is the demon nine-tailed fox in human form, except he doesn't know it, and can't access his powers.  He gets paired up into a three person cell that he does all his missions as a ninja with.  He is with Sakura, the girl of his dreams, and Sasuke, the guy of Sakura's dreams.  They go through much together, and as of now, in Shonen Jump magazine, they are trying to advance to a higher class of ninja. 

Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is about a retired assassin, Kenshin.  He is a rurouni, a wandering swordsman, who is one of the best fighters in all the world.  He joins a dojo, and tries to do all the good things he can.  There are lots of great action scenes, and also some romance ones too.  I really suggest this manga.

The Prince of Tennis

This manga is about Ryoma Echizen.  He is a kid who is amazing at tennis.  The storyline is great, especially if you like sports.  He also encounters and uses all different types of tennis while playing other people.  The style in which the characters are drawn and the way the matches are illustrated both add greatly to this manga.  It is one of my favorites, and I suggest you at least look into it.  This is another of Shonen Jump's manga.

Shaman King

Shaman King is about Yoh Asakura.  He is a shaman, that means he can see, talk with, and interact with ghosts.  He learns all different ways to fight with his spirit, Amidamaru.  Amidamaru is a 600 year old samurai ghost.  Yoh fights in a tournament of shaman, to determine who should be shaman king, or be one with the great spirit.  He teams up with a bunch of guys, and they have lots of exploits.  The anime is on on Saturdays on channel 5 (fox).  Also, it has inspired two games in America.  One for playstation 2, and the other for game boy advance.


Bleach starts out following Ichigo Kurosaki.  He can see ghosts.  He gets turned into a soul reaper, a type of heavenly police.  He has to fight hollows (evil souls), and send wandering ghosts to the soul society, a heaven-like place.  This manga is about his adventures as a soul reaper.  There is a lot of action, and the plot-line is really deep.  I highly reccomend this manga, and it is probably my most favorite.


Trigun is about Vash The Stampede.  He is a legendary gunman, who blew a whole in the moon.  People think he is evil, so he went into hiding.  Now, he has to come out to fight Knives, and evil being that has some connection to Vash.  Neither Knives or Vash are human, so the battles Vash has are very interesting.  Vash has to fight a team of evil non-human beings before he gets to Knives, and it all adds up to a great manga.  Vash also teams up with a priest, who uses a cross-shaped gun as his weapon.  There adventures are exciting, and though the fight scenes could be better, it is an amazing comic.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is about Yusuke Urameshi's exploits as a detective for the underworld.  He dies, but neither heaven nor hell has any room, so he does all these things as a spirit.  Finally, the king of heaven and hell sends him back into his body.  After that, he has powers that he never had before.  He trains with Genkai, a master of the spiritual arts, and learns her techniques.  He fights a lot of monsters, and the action is shown really well.  This manga inspired the hit anime on cartoon network, and two video games.  One for game boy advance, and once for playstation 2.  The playstation 2 game just came out, and you should look for it if you like the manga or the anime.


Ragnarok is about a swordsman named Chaos.  He is a reincarnation of the god Balder.  He teams up with two girls, a sorcerer, and a runecaster, and fights the gods to bring about Ragnarok, or the end of the world.  He gains all sorts of powers as he realizes his identity and remembers his past.  It is a great manga with an awesome story line and pretty good illustrations.  I would at least check out this title.

Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter is about Seur Chong.  He is a dragon hunter, he hunts dragons.  He is special though, because he is the best.  He drank the blood of the guardian dragon of the dragon god as a child, and it gave him amazing powers.  He is trying to become the best dragon hunter ever, and assemble a team of awesome dragon hunters to kill all the guardian dragons of the dragon god.  He wants to do this so he can bring some of the blood back to his mother.  Dragon blood will save your life, but it will also give you a curse.  He also wants to kill the dragon god to get rid of his curse.  It is an amazing manga, and I highly suggest you read it.  It is one of my top favorites.

Bt X

Bt X is about a guy who has to rescue his brother from an evil machine empire.  The empire is an evil organization run by two children.  Along the way, he meets Bt X.  He is a Bt stronger than any other.  Bts are kind of like mechanical horses with awesome abilities and powers.  They have many adventures as they try to rescue his brother.

Knights of the Zodiac

Knights of the Zodiac is about Seiya, a knight of Athena.  He trained for years to become a knight and go back to Japan, to find his sister.  When he gets back, the head of a huge corporation says that his sister has gone missing.  She says that the company will only help him find his sister if he competes in a tournament.  The story is about the fights he has with other knights in the tournament.  Pretty good illustrations, and a lot in each graphic novel.  Great manga.